Derek Bradley, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Disney Research

PhD, University of British Columbia, 2010
MCS, Carleton University, 2005
BCS, Carleton University, 2003

derek.bradley (at)

This website is a portfolio of my research, including publications, patents and film credits. I am currently a Research Scientist at Disney Research in Zurich. I am interested in various problems that involve digital humans, including digital scanning, facial performance capture and animation, and visual effects for films.

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Model-Based Teeth Reconstruction

C. Wu, D. Bradley, P. Garrido, M. Zollhöfer, C. Theobalt, M. Gross, T. Beeler

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia). 2016. (Macao)

We present the first approach for non-invasive reconstruction of an entire person-specific tooth row from just a sparse set of photographs of the mouth region. The basis of our approach is a new parametric tooth row prior learned from high quality dental scans.
[Project Page]

Corrective 3D Reconstruction of Lips from Monocular Video

P. Garrido, M. Zollhöfer, C. Wu, D. Bradley, P. Pérez, T. Beeler, C. Theobalt

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia). 2016. (Macao)

We present a method to reconstruct detailed and expressive lip shapes from monocular RGB video. To this end, we learn the difference between inaccurate lip shapes found by a monocular facial capture method, and the true 3D lip shapes reconstructed using a high-quality multi-view system, and finally infer accurate lip shapes in a regression framework.
[Project Page]

Synthetic prior design for real-time face tracking

S. McDonagh, M. Klaudiny, D. Bradley, T. Beeler, K. Mitchell, I. Matthews

Int. Conference on 3D Vision. 2016. (Stanford, USA)

We propose to learn a synthetic actor-specific prior for real-time facial tracking. We construct better and smaller training sets by investigating which facial image appearances are crucial for tracking accuracy, covering the dimensions of expression, viewpoint and illumination.
[Project Page]

Lightweight Eye Capture Using a Parametric Model

P. Bérard, D. Bradley, M. Gross, T. Beeler

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH). 2016. (Anaheim, USA)

We present the first approach for high-quality lightweight eye capture, which leverages a database of pre-captured eyes to guide the reconstruction of new eyes from much less constrained inputs, such as traditional single-shot face scanners or even a single photo from the internet.
[Project Page]

An Anatomically Constrained Local Deformation Model for Monocular Face Capture

C. Wu, D. Bradley, M. Gross, T. Beeler

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH). 2016. (Anaheim, USA)

We present a new anatomically-constrained local face model and fitting approach for tracking 3D faces from 2D motion data in very high quality. In contrast to traditional global models, we propose a local deformation model composed of many small subspaces spatially distributed over the face, and introduce anatomical subspace skin thickness constraints.
[Project Page]

FaceDirector: Continuous Control of Facial Performance in Video

C. Malleson, J.-C. Bazin, O. Wang, D. Bradley, T. Beeler, A. Hilton, A. Sorkine-Hornung

International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV). 2015. (Santiago, Chile)

We present a method to continuously blend between multiple facial performances of an actor, which can contain different expressions or emotional states. As an example, given sad and angry video takes of a scene, our method empowers a movie director to specify arbitrary weighted combinations and smooth transitions between the two takes in post-production.
[Project Page]

Detailed Spatio-Temporal Reconstruction of Eyelids

A. Bermano, T. Beeler, Y. Kozlov, D. Bradley, B. Bickel, M. Gross

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH). 2015. (Los Angeles, USA)

In recent years we have seen numerous improvements on 3D scanning and tracking of human faces. However, current methods are unable to capture one of the most important regions of the face - the eye region. In this work we present the first method for detailed spatio-temporal reconstruction of eyelids.
[Project Page]

Real-Time High-Fidelity Facial Performance Capture

C. Cao, D. Bradley, K. Zhou, T. Beeler

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH). 2015. (Los Angeles, USA)

We present a real-time facial capture method that requires only a single video camera and no user-specific training, yet is able to capture the face with very high fidelity, including individual expression wrinkles.
[Project Page]

Recent Advances in Facial Appearance Capture

O. Klehm, F. Rousselle, M. Papas, D. Bradley, C. Hery, B.Bickel, W. Jarosz, T. Beeler

Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics - State of the Art Reports). 2015. (Zurich, Switzerland).

Facial appearance capture is firmly established within academic research and used extensively across various application domains. This report provides an overview that can guide practitioners and researchers in assessing the tradeoffs between current approaches and identifying directions for future advances in facial appearance capture.
[Project Page]

High-Quality Capture of Eyes

P. Bérard, D. Bradley, M. Nitti, T. Beeler, M. Gross

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia). 2014. (Shenzhen, China).

We propose a novel capture system that is capable of accurately reconstructing all the visible parts of the eye: the white sclera, the transparent cornea and the non-rigidly deforming colored iris.
[Project Page]

Capturing and Stylizing Hair for 3D Fabrication

J. I. Echevarria, D. Bradley, D. Gutierrez, T. Beeler

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH). 2014. (Vancouver, Canada).

In this paper we present the first method for *stylized* hair capture, a technique to reconstruct an individual’s actual hair-style in a manner suitable for physical reproduction.
[Project Page]

Rigid Stabilization of Facial Expressions

T. Beeler, D. Bradley

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH). 2014. (Vancouver, Canada).

When scanning facial expressions to build a digital double, the resulting scans often contain both the non-rigid expression and un-wanted rigid transformations. We present the first method to automatically stabilize the shapes by removing the rigid transformations.
[Project Page]

Facial Performance Enhancement Using Dynamic Shape Space Analysis

A. H. Bermano, D. Bradley, T. Beeler, F. Zünd, D. Nowrouzezahrai, I. Baran, O. Sorkine, H. Pfister, R. W. Sumner, B. Bickel, M. Gross

ACM Transactions on Graphics. 2014.

We present a technique for adding fine-scale details and expressiveness to low-resolution art-directed facial performances, such as those created manually using a rig, via marker-based capture, or by fitting a morphable model to a video.
[Project Page]

Local Signal Equalization for Correspondence Matching

D. Bradley, T. Beeler

International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV). 2013. (Sydney, Australia).

In this paper we propose a local signal equalization approach for correspondence matching, which handles the situation when the input images contain different frequency signals, for example caused by different amounts of defocus blur.
[Project Page]

Modeling and Estimation of Internal Friction in Cloth

E. Miguel, R. Tamstorf, D. Bradley, S. C. Schvartzman, B. Thomaszewski, B. Bickel, W. Matusik, S. Marschner, M. A. Otaduy

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia). 2013. (Hong Kong).

We propose a model of internal friction for cloth, and show that this model provides a good match to important features of cloth hysteresis. We also present novel parameter estimation procedures based on simple and inexpensive setups.
[Project Page]

Image-based Reconstruction and Synthesis of Dense Foliage

D. Bradley, D. Nowrouzezahrai, P. Beardsley

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH). 2013. (Anaheim, USA).

A method for reconstructing and synthesizing dense foliage from images. Starting with point-cloud data from multi-view stereo, the method iteratively fits an exemplar leaf to the points. A statistical model of leaf shape and appearance is used to synthesize new leaves of the captured species.
[Project Page]

Improved Reconstruction of Deforming Surfaces by Cancelling Ambient Occlusion

T. Beeler, D. Bradley, H. Zimmer, M. Gross

European Conference on Computer Vision. 2012. (Florence, Italy).

We present a general technique for improving space-time reconstructions of deforming surfaces, by factoring out surface shading computed by a fast approximation to global illumination called ambient occlusion. Our approach simultaneously improves both the acquired shape as well as the tracked motion of the deforming surface.
[Project Page]

Physical Face Cloning

B. Bickel, P. Kaufmann, M. Scouras, B. Thomaszewski, D. Bradley, T. Beeler, P. Jackson, S. Marschner, W. Matusik, M. Gross

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH). 2012. (Los Angeles, USA).

We propose a complete process for designing, simulating, and fabricating synthetic skin for an animatronics character that mimics the face of a given subject and its expressions.
[Project Page]

Data-Driven Estimation of Cloth Simulation Models

E. Miguel, D. Bradley, B. Thomaszewski, B. Bickel, W. Matusik, M. A. Otaduy, S. Marschner

Proceedings of Eurographics. 2012. (Cagliari, Italy).

This paper provides measurement and fitting methods that allow nonlinear cloth models to be fit to observed deformations of a particular cloth sample.
[Project Page]

Manufacturing Layered Attenuators for Multiple Prescribed Shadow Images

I. Baran, P. Keller, D. Bradley, S. Coros, W. Jarosz, D. Nowrouzezahrai, M. Gross

Proceedings of Eurographics. 2012. (Cagliari, Italy).

We present a practical and inexpensive method for creating physical objects that cast different color shadow images when illuminated by prescribed lighting configurations.
[Project Page]

High-Quality Passive Facial Performance Capture Using Anchor Frames

T. Beeler, F. Hahn, D. Bradley, B. Bickel, P. Beardsley, C. Gotsman, R. W. Sumner, M. Gross

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH). 2011. (Vancouver, Canada).

We present a new technique for markerless facial performance capture based on anchor frames, which starts with high resolution geometry acquisition and proceeds to propagate a single triangle mesh through an entire performance.
[Project Page]

Globally Consistent Space Time Reconstruction

T. Popa, I. South-Dickinson, D. Bradley, A. Sheffer, W. Heidrich

Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing). 2010. (Lyon, France).

We introduce a new method for globally consistent space-time geometry and motion reconstruction from video capture, which uses a gradual change prior to resolve inconsistencies and faithfully reconstruct the scanned objects.
[Project Page]

High Resolution Passive Facial Performance Capture

D. Bradley, W. Heidrich, T. Popa, A. Sheffer

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH). 2010. (Los Angeles, USA).

We introduce a purely passive facial capture approach that uses only an array of video cameras, but requires no template facial geometry, no special makeup or markers, and no active lighting.
[Project Page]

Binocular Camera Calibration Using Rectification Error

D. Bradley, W. Heidrich

Proceedings of Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision. 2010. (Ottawa, Canada).

We show that we can improve calibrations in a binocular or multi-camera setup by calibrating the cameras in pairs using a rectification error rather than a reprojection error.

Synchronization and Rolling Shutter Compensation for Consumer Video Camera Arrays

D. Bradley, B. Atcheson, I. Ihrke, W. Heidrich

Proceedings of International Workshop on Projector-Camera Systems (PROCAMS). 2009. (Miami, USA).

We present two simple approaches for simultaneously removing rolling shutter distortions and performing temporal synchronization of consumer video cameras.
[Project Page]

Wrinkling Captured Garments Using Space-Time Data-Driven Deformation

T. Popa, Q. Zhou, D. Bradley, V. Kraevoy, H. Fu, A. Sheffer, W. Heidrich

Proceedings of Eurographics. 2009. (Munich, Germany).

In this work we propose a method for reintroducing fine folds into captured garment models using data-driven dynamic wrinkling.
[Project Page]

Augmented Reality on Cloth with Realistic Illumination

D. Bradley, G. Roth, P. Bose

Machine Vision and Applications. 2009. Vol. 20, No. 2, pp 85-92. [Submitted Sept. 2005]

Augmented reality is the concept of inserting virtual objects into real scenes. We present a method to perform real-time flexible augmentations on cloth, including real world illumination and shadows.
[Journal Page]

Time-resolved 3D Capture of Non-stationary Gas Flows

B. Atcheson, I. Ihrke, W. Heidrich, A. Tevs, D. Bradley, M. Magnor, H.-P. Seidel

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia). 2008. (Singapore).

We present a time-resolved Schlieren tomography system for capturing full 3D, non-stationary gas flows on a dense volumetric grid, taking a step in the direction of obtaining measurements of real fluid flows.
[Project Page]

Markerless Garment Capture

D. Bradley, T. Popa, A. Sheffer, W. Heidrich, T. Boubekeur

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH). 2008. (Los Angeles, USA).

In this paper, we describe a marker-free approach to capturing garment motion by establishing temporally coherent parameterizations between incomplete geometries extracted at each timestep with a multiview stereo algorithm.
[Project Page]

Accurate Multi-View Reconstruction Using Robust Binocular Stereo and Surface Meshing

D. Bradley, T. Boubekeur, W. Heidrich

IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2008. (Anchorage, USA).

A new algorithm for multi-view reconstruction that demonstrates both accuracy and efficiency. Our method is based on robust binocular stereo matching, followed by adaptive point-based filtering and high-quality mesh generation.
[Project Page]

Adaptive Thresholding Using the Integral Image

D. Bradley, G. Roth

ACM Journal of Graphics Tools. 2007. Vol 12, No. 2: 13-21.

We present a technique for real-time adaptive thresholding using the integral image of the input, which is robust to illumination changes in the image.
[Journal Page]

Tomographic Reconstruction of Transparent Objects

B. Trifonov, D. Bradley, W. Heidrich

Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2006. (Nicosia, Cyprus)

We present a visible light tomographic reconstruction method for recovering the shape of transparent objects, such as glass. Our setup is simple to implement and accounts for refraction, which can be a problem in visible light tomography.
[Project Page]

Natural Interaction with Virtual Objects Using Vision-Based Six DOF Sphere Tracking

D. Bradley, G. Roth

Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology 2005. pp. 19-26. (Valencia, Spain).

This paper describes a new tangible user interface system that includes a passive optical tracking method to determine the six degree-of-freedom (DOF) pose of a sphere in a real-time video stream.
[ACM Page]

Image-based Navigation in Real Environments Using Panoramas

D. Bradley, A. Brunton, M. Fiala, G. Roth

IEEE International Workshop on Haptic Audio Visual Environments and their Applications 2005. (Ottawa, Canada).

We present a system for virtual navigation in real environments using image-based panorama rendering. A real-time image-based viewer renders individual 360-degree panoramas using graphics hardware acceleration.
[IEEE Page]

Courses and Tutorials

Data-Driven Simulation Methods in Computer Graphics: Cloth, Tissue and Faces

M. Otaduy, B. Bickel, D. Bradley

Eurographics Tutorial 2013. (Girona, Spain).

This tutorial follows our SIGGRAPH course on the same topic, and focuses on the application of data-driven methods to three areas of computer animation, namely dynamic deformation of faces, soft volumetric tissue, and cloth.

Data-Driven Simulation Methods in Computer Graphics: Cloth, Tissue and Faces

M. Otaduy, B. Bickel, D. Bradley, H. Wang

ACM SIGGRAPH Course 2012. (Los Angeles, USA).

This course focuses on the application of data-driven methods to three areas of computer animation, namely dynamic deformation of faces, soft volumetric tissue, and cloth.
[Course Website]


Coupled reconstruction of refractive and opaque surfaces

P. Bérard, T. Beeler, D. Bradley

US 20160143524 A1 - Publication Date: May 26, 2016, Filing Date: Nov 21, 2014, Priority Date: ??.
[Link to patent]

Capturing and stylizing hair for 3d fabrication

T. Beeler, D. Bradley, J. I. Echevarria

US 20160071316 A1 - Publication Date: Mar 10, 2016, Filing Date: Sep 10, 2014, Priority Date: Sep 10, 2014.
[Link to patent]

Rigid stabilization of facial expressions

T. Beeler, D. Bradley

US 20150213307 A1 - Publication Date: Jul 30, 2015, Filing Date: Sep 25, 2014, Priority Date: Jan 28, 2014.
[Link to patent]

Methods and systems of local signal equalization

D. Bradley, T. Beeler

US 20150104111 A1 - Publication Date: Apr 16, 2015, Filing Date: May 15, 2014, Priority Date: Oct 11, 2013.
[Link to patent]

Reconstruction of deforming surfaces by canceling ambient occlusion and refining 3-d shape

T. Beeler, D. Bradley

US 8712179 B2 - Publication Date: Apr 29, 2014, Filing Date: Aug 17, 2012, Priority Date: Aug 17, 2012.
[Link to patent]

High-quality passive performance capture using anchor frames

T. Beeler, B. Bickel, F. Hahn, D. Bradley, P. Beardsley, B. Sumner, M. Gross

US 9036898 B1 - Publication Date: May 19, 2015, Filing Date: Nov 2, 2014, Priority Date: Nov 2, 2011.
[Link to patent]

Physical Face Cloning

B. Bickel, P. Kaufmann, B. Thomaszewski, D. Bradley, P. Jackson, S. Marschner, W. Matusik, M. Gross, T. Beeler

US 9082222 B2 - Publication Date: Jul 14, 2015, Filing Date: Oct 18, 2011, Priority Date: Jan 18, 2011.
[Link to patent]

Film Credits

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, 2016.
(Visual Effects) Research Scientist.
Doctor Strange, 2016.
(Visual Effects) Research Scientist.
The Jungle Book, 2016.
(Visual Effects) Researcher - Disney Research.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 2015.
(Visual Effects) Research Scientist.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 2014.
(Visual Effects) Digital Artist.
Lucid Dreams of Gabriel (short), 2014.
(Visual Effects) Researcher.
Maleficent, 2014.
(Visual Effects) Researcher - Disney Research.